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2021 Call To Convention: A Note From Your Executive Director

March 18, 2021

Hello! This is Leah Nash, your Executive Director. Thanks for visiting this page to learn more about our League of Women Voters of Florida (LWVFL) 2021 Convention. Convention happens every odd year and is a time for members to give feedback on our plans for the next two years, as well as connect and learn from each other.

Logistically, just like at our other Conventions, the business that will occur is:

  • Elect your Board of Directors for the next two years. Our Board of Directors is what is called a working Board and boy, do they work! They are obligated to meet quarterly but usually meet more often than that to discuss and make decisions about special issues. Here is the slate: Cecile Scoon (President), Marisol Zenteno (1st Vice President), Shawn Bartlet (2nd Vice President), Mark Songer (Treasurer), Pat Drago (Secretary) and Jennifer Adams, Jonathan Hackley, Danielle Irwin, Julie Kessel, Maegen Pierce as Directors.
  • Your budget will be voted on at Convention. The finance committee is working hard now to create a fiscally responsible budget to present to you by May 5, 2021. The budget will represent the work that is planned for the next year and is based on past budgets, as well as projected expenses and revenue.
  • Now this is straight from our bylaws, “The program of the LWVFL shall consist of; action to implement the Principles and positions of the LWVUS and LWVFL; and those state governmental issues chose by the Convention or Council for concerted study or concurrence and action.” Click here to view recommended and unrecommended program proposals.
  • At Convention, we also offer learning opportunities such as workshops and caucuses, as well as celebrate our chapters by recognizing them with awards.

First and foremost, I MUST thank all of our members and especially our leadership volunteers such as those sitting on our Board of Directors and so many others. It would be impossible to list every LWVFL volunteer who has contributed to planning the Convention. Here are just a few who are taking leadership roles:

  • Patti Brigham, our fearless leader and President
  • Mary Gutierrez, Nominating Committee Chairperson
  • Angela Melvin, Connie, Peagram, Shawn Bartelt, and Lisa Yurkin, Members of the Nominating Committee
  • Peggy Quince, Program Chair
  • Mark Songer, Anna Callwood, Gina Gallo, Ray Kalich, Jo Mathews, members of the Finance Committee
  • Charlotte Nycklemoe, Pat Drago, and Mark Songer, members of the Bylaws Committee
  • Pat Drago, Parliamentarian

Speaking of Pat, she is a long-time member and previous Secretary for LWVFL. She was featured at a recent Lunch & Learn speaking about the ins and outs of Convention 2021. Click here to view the video. Thank you to Pat for your guidance!

This year, our Convention will be virtual! We are still working on pricing so please stand by and be on the lookout in your inbox for registration information. Thank you for your patience.

Who should attend Convention? According to our bylaws, “The Convention shall consist of delegates chosen by the members of the local Leagues in the number provided in Section 4 of this Article, presidents of local Leagues and chairs of Member-at-Large Units or an alternate in the event the president or chair is unable to attend, and members of the Board of Directors of LWVFL. Local Leagues and Member-at-Large Units with more than 25 voting members, as of January 1 of said Convention year, shall be entitled to one additional delegate for each additional 25 voting or major fraction thereof.”

Here are links that you may need as you prepare for Convention:

That’s Convention in a nutshell! Of course, there are probably details that I have missed. I have tried to cover everything but if you have any other questions, please reach out to me at

Before I go, I also want to give a huge shout out to our wonderful staff, who are also working hard to make this year’s Convention run as smoothly as possible. Much sincere appreciation goes to Blake Summerlin (Statewide Communications Manager), Lesa Dickey (Bookkeeper), Lisa Calleja (Special Projects Manager), and Patty Rodriguez (Spring Intern). Our team is ready to serve our LWVFL members and support our mission of empowering voters and defending democracyALWAYS.

Thank you and “see” you at Convention!

Leah Nash
Executive Director

The League of Woman Voters Florida


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