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Action alert: Keep guns out of Florida’s classrooms!

On Monday evening the Senate Education Committee filed their proposed committee bill SPB 7030. While it contains some good school security measures, this bill would allow the arming of Florida’s school teachers.

Under the Coach Aaron Feis Guardian Program, individuals who exclusively perform duties as classroom teachers are currently exempt from participating in the program. SPB 7030 would repeal that provision.

Our teachers have stated that they do not want to be armed. Our students have stated that they do not want their teachers to be armed. The only people who should have access to firearms on campus are highly-trained law enforcement officers.

What can you do?

The Senate Education Committee is scheduled to hear SB 7030 on Tuesday, February 12th at 4 PM. Call or email the Senators on the committee — tell them that our teachers do not want to be armed, and that firearms belong in the hands of highly-trained law enforcement officers.

Senate Education Committee

Chair, Manny Diaz (R)diaz.manny@flsenate.gov(850) 487-5036
Vice Chair, Bill Montford (D)montford.bill@flsenate.gov(850) 487-5003
Dennis Baxley (R)baxley.dennis@flsenate.gov(850) 487-5012
Lori Berman (D)berman.lori@flsenate.gov(850) 487-5031
Janet Cruz (D)cruz.janet@flsenate.gov(850) 487-5018
Keith Perry (R)perry.keith@flsenate.gov(850) 487-5008
David Simmons (R)simmons.david@flsenate.gov(850) 487-5009
Kelli Stargel (R)stargel.kelli@flsenate.gov(850) 487-5022

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