Action Needed Now: Tell Your legislators to reject changes to florida’s voting process. No on Sb 90 & HB7041.

are you a league member or an engaged citizen?

League members have been working on Amendment 4 from the inception. The League was one of the founding partners with Desmond Meade and Floridians for a Fair Democracy (FFDC) which evolved into Florida Rights Restoration Coalition (FRRC). We were gathering petitions to get Amendment 4 on the ballot, holding forums to convince people to vote yes for Amendment 4, and now working hard to make the restoration of voting rights to upwards of 1.4 million people, a reality. For a more detailed history of League activities, CLICK HERE. 

 How League Members and other volunteers can help
  •  Writing postcards to encourage and inform returning citizens about the change in the law that allows them to vote if their sentences are complete and they are not part of  the excluded class of people with felony sex offenses or murder convictions. 
  •  Texting and calling returning citizens to share the good news about their ability to vote. Many returning citizens are not reading the papers or following political changes. League members only are doing this type of work due to training and confidentiality requirements.
  • Reaching out to re-entry programs across the state for persons leaving prison and returning to the world to invite them to receive training from the League so that they can educate the prisoners about the pathway to the ability to vote. 

Once the Covid -19 threat is addressed, the League will be working at health fairs, football games, parades and other large gatherings to greet people and answer any questions that they may have about their ability to be able to vote.

The League will continue its educational outreach with forums, LTE’s and presentations at events like Rotary club, at churches, synagogues, and mosques, and other places where people gather.

The League will have additional projects that are developed to assist RC’s to get their voting rights. 

Coming soon, a short survey for Volunteers so that we will be ready to place you in the volunteer seat that is best for you.


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