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Information for Returning Citizens with questions about voter registration or uncertainty about their situation.

Questions about Eligibility? Do you meet the requirements to register to vote?

If you have a past felony conviction, 2018’s Amendment 4 gives you the right to vote as long as:


  • You have completed all terms of your sentence including parole and probation.
  • You have paid the total amount of all fines, fees, court costs, and restitution ordered as part of the felony sentence.
  • You do not have a conviction for murder or a felony sexual offense. Amendment 4 re-enfranchisement does not apply to persons convicted of murder or felony sex offenses.  CLICK HERE to see the list of excluded offenses. Persons with these types of convictions must seek clemency from the governor to be able to vote again. CLICK HERE for more information on these requirements.
  • If you are not sure if your civil rights, or whether your right to vote has been restored by the clemency board,  CLICK HERE to check rights status.

If you meet the above conditions, you can register to vote online or with a paper application. To register to vote online, and check your voting status, CLICK on .

You may also choose to fill out a paper voter registration application. Click here to print in English.  Click here for Spanish.

One  may also pick up a form or call to request an application be mailed to you by your local Supervisor of Elections.  The League recommend that you use the  2013 application as a federal judge has stated that the new application (2019) is confusing and not helpful.

What one will see on the 2013 Application:  Box 2 on the Florida voter registration application asks you to state that you either do not have a felony conviction, or that your right to vote has been restored. If you meet the requirements listed above in the guidance section, then you can check “yes” for that question. 

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Amendment 4

If you have a felony and have completed incarceration and probation or parole and paid all of your financial obligations, then the answers to some frequently asked questions can be found below:

What organization can you contact if you have questions about your records and need help getting registered?

Contact the Florida League of Women Voters for a referral to a free (pro bono) lawyer that has taken the Florida Bar approved CLE training. Please call 407-710-5496 or email

Is financial help available to help pay your fines and fees?

Contact the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition. FRRC’s Fines and Fees Program helps returning citizens break down any barriers they may have to voting from financial obligations (e.g. fines, fees, or court costs) that arose from a felony conviction (excluding murder or felony sexual offenses) Call1-877-698-6830.  They will review your case to see if it meets their criteria.   

Do you need to bring proof of a completed sentence before registering?

No. The responsibility of the returning citizen is to honestly affirm that, by completing the terms of their sentence, their voting rights have been restored. 

Do you need free legal help to find or understand your records, or petition the courts to modify your sentence and reduce your financial obligations (fines and fees)?

If so, contact the LWVFL for a referral to a pro bono lawyer. Call 407-710-5496 or email

Where can you find more information online about whether you’ve completed the terms of your sentence?

If a person is unsure about whether their sentence is complete, they should check these places for their records. Click on the name of the organization to go to their website: (i) Florida Department of Law Enforcement(ii) Florida Clerks of County Courts, (consult the county clerk where the person was convicted). (iii) Florida Department of Corrections. If you cannot find your records or cannot understand them, please call the League help line or send an email as stated above.

Do Legal services provide help with getting your voting rights back?

Some do provide this help. The League will be releasing a list of ones that do in the near future. In the meantime, please call your local legal services organization to find out if they provide that type of assistance. 


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