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Florida’s Twentieth Century Women Environmentalists

As part of the 100th anniversary celebrations of the League of Women Voters and Women’s Suffrage, as well as the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, we are pleased to bring you booklets acknowledging the contributions of women to Florida environmentalism in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Some of the women are well known; some lesser known, but all are instrumental in addressing serious environmental issues either statewide or in specific parts of the state. The booklet on Florida’s twenty-first century women environmentalists will be completed later this year.

The number of women involved in environmentalism has increased greatly in current times. Not being included in these booklets does not diminish their importance. We endeavored to include in our selection a mix of regions, topics, accomplishments, and backgrounds.

For some of the women, participation in the League of Women Voters was integral to their activism. Various local LWVs spearheaded studies and environmental efforts, as they continue to do in the present.

This booklet is for your use. There is no charge. We encourage you to read it online or to download it. In particular cases, it may be printed off, but being environmentalists, we hope that is done rarely. Please do not make changes to the booklet. Information on how to give input or get more information is on the last page.

The COVID-19 crisis, equally as critical as the climate change emergency, has had an impact on our effort. Libraries are closed; institutions and agencies are slowed down. But, in the midst of these crises, we are delighted to find things to celebrate and to give us hope.

Click here to read the Florida’s Twentieth Century Women Environmentalists booklet!

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