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Spotlight on Natural Resources in Florida

Learn about natural resource issues, advocacy, and legislative goals

The League of Women Voters of Florida supports state legislation for energy conservation and greater use of renewable sources like solar energy. The League supports policies that promote conservation of freshwater and its availability for environmental, public, agricultural, industrial, and mining uses on a priority basis. The League of Women Voters also supports legislation to ban oil and gas drilling off Florida’s coast, as well as funding for public transportation.

The League of Women Voters believes in promoting that Florida’s environment is beneficial to the life of every Floridian through the protection and wise management of natural resources in the public interest by recognizing the interrelationship of air quality, energy, land use, waste management, and waste resources.

We believe in promoting resource conservation, stewardship, and long-range planning, with the responsibility for managing natural resources shared by all levels of government. The League of Women Voters of Florida supports public policies that provide for cooperative, coordinated planning for and decisions about land use in Florida including methods for resolution of conflicts.

Issues for Action:
  • Support the preparation and implementation of a new state growth management plan that addresses current needs.
  • Support the implementation of the Water and Land Legacy Amendment consistent with the intent of the adopted language.
  • Using the Florida Forever Fund in the support of the Water and Land Legacy Act and to protect our state parks.
  • The League of Women Voters supports banning “fracking” along Florida’s Coast.
  • Support the restoration and protection of our water and aquifers
  • Support and Promote a carbon-free Florida
  • Implement Sustainability and Adaption Planning for climate change
Addressing the Climate Change Crisis

The Natural Resource Committee is focused on the impact of the Red Tide and Blue-Green Algae crisis, and action steps we can take moving forward.  Click here for a comprehensive page on this issue.

The Clean Energy Action Team is a Natural Resources subcommittee focused on a carbon-free Florida, including Solar and clean cars (EVs). 

Click here to learn more about our Clean Energy Action Team.

Natural Resources in Florida Chair: Judy Hushon

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