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LWVFL Redistricting Plan, Our Call For Fair Maps

We have received several inquiries about how LWVFL plans to be involved with the redistricting process in Florida, especially since we were leaders in legislative action taken in 2012. Due to COVID-19, Census data has been delayed and we don’t anticipate reporting to be available until August of this year.

You may read about our previous redistricting work including our lengthy court battles and the landmark decision (a victory for the League) by clicking here.

In the meantime, here is our plan to address redistricting:

On April 8th, LWVFL hosted a virtual Lobby Day. Not only did attendees learn how to virtually lobby through a pandemic, we also held a press conference specifically about redistricting in Florida. Along with partners such as All On The Line and Florida Rising, LWVFL called for Florida legislators to pledge for fair maps. Senator Annette Taddeo spoke at the press conference and was the first legislator to sign the pledge. Click here to view the press conference and share. Along with our president Patricia Brigham and Senator Taddeo, speakers included Ellen Friedin of FairDistricts Now, Mone’ Holder of Florida Rising, and Katie Vicsik of All on the Line Florida.

On April 23rd, LWVFL hosted a Lunch & Learn for members featuring Ellen Friedin. Ellen presented about redistricting of the past and our hopes of fair maps in the near future. Click here to watch.

In alignment with the League of Women Voters US’s People Powered Fair Maps Day of Action on April 29th, LWVFL repurposed the informative April 23rd Lunch & Learn featuring Ellen Friedin on our social media outlets: Facebook and Twitter. We encouraged our chapters to promote and share the Lunch & Learn recording through on their own social media outlets. Click here for a page chock full of resources for you to use.

Beyond these dates, we are also relying on chapters to go out in your communities to tell people about redistricting and how it may affect them. Our Speaker’s Bureau chair Mary Schultz is now working on a presentation that LWVFL members can be trained on and use in your communities. Please stand by for training dates. They will be listed here and delivered to your inboxes. Click here to express interest in being trained.

Please keep this page bookmarked and look to your inbox for other calls to action. Beyond educating the public, we want legislators and those appointed to redistricting committees to know that they are under the watchful eye of the League. Once those meeting dates are published, we will be reaching out to you to attend those meetings to be the eyes and ears of democracy.

In the meantime, here are some resources for you:

Understanding Florida’s Current Maps (Five Thirty Eight)

Mapping Tool (MGGG Redistricting Lab)

All About Redistricting (Loyola Law School)

Understanding Florida Redistricting Report (

Major Redistricting Cases In Every State Since 2010 (NCSL)

Redistricting Timeline presented by Common Cause Florida

Thank you in advance for your work in delivering the redistricting message to your communities. LWVFL members and chapters are the conduits to our voters. You know your communities and how to reach them. This is an important issue that affects the voters of Florida in so many different ways. Please check this page for updates.

In League,

Leah Nash, Executive Director

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