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Restoration of Voting Rights

Information on Florida’s 2018 Amendment 4 restoration of voting rights for persons with felony convictions (Returning Citizens).

Restoration of Voting Rights

In 2018, Florida voters approved an amendment to the Florida Constitution that automatically restored the voting rights of felons, except for murderers and felony sex offenders. The following June, the Legislature passed a law (Florida Statute 98.0751/Senate Bill 7066) requiring persons with felony convictions (also referred to as “returning citizens”) to pay all financial obligations including fines, fees, costs and restitution before registering to vote.

Despite legal appeals, this requirement remains in place, and it has proven difficult for many. The law does allow returning citizens to petition courts to modify their sentences, but the path to achieve this is not clear—even for attorneys. The process for returning citizens to confirm voting status, find and understand all records, or get a sentence modified is challenging at best.

Mission of the LWVFL:

Empowering Voters, Defending Democracy

The League is committed to helping returning citizens gain the right to vote.
Our goals include:

Informing returning citizens about their new rights; how to determine what fines, costs, restitution and fees might be outstanding; and getting registered to vote.

Educating and activating attorneys to assist returning citizens through two League-created, Florida Bar-approved continuing legal education (CLE) courses. These courses teach attorneys how to assist returning citizens and petition courts for modifications. They are offered at no charge, and we ask the trained attorneys to provide pro bono (free) legal services to returning citizens to help them vote.

Promoting statewide volunteer efforts to reach out to returning citizens and help them navigate the voter registration process.

Prior to the 2020 election, the LWVFL trained lawyers to provide free services and sent postcards to more than 225,000  persons with felony convictions who had no financial obligations, informing them of their right to vote. A substantial percentage registered to vote, and many voted for the first time since their convictions. League members conducted voter registration efforts for returning citizens statewide.

Regaining the right to vote has been life-changing for many, and rewarding for volunteers and attorneys who participated in registration efforts.


For help confirming your status, looking up or understanding records, getting a sentence modified, or other aspects of voter registration:

Are you a Lawyer or a legal volunteer?  

For information about our two Florida Bar-approved CLE courses on assisting returning citizens with the process of voting again:

Are you a League Member or an engaged citizen?  

To get involved with the LWVFL’s efforts to reach out to returning citizens and help them navigate the voter registration process:

Legal Services Entities, Re-Entry Programs and Other Organizations

We are working now on plans to expand our efforts to provide more resources to those with financial difficulties and to

 to work with the myriad of re-entry organizations that are preparing prisoners for release and reintegration outside of prison.  More to come soon. 



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