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Terri Kondos

Terri Kondos retired from the U.S. Department of Defense in 2022 after a  38 year career in intelligence and national security. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Russian Language and  Literature, a Masters in General Administration, and a Masters in National Security Strategy from the National  War College (2008 graduate).  

She is a 2016 Distinguished Executive Presidential Rank Award recipient. Terri and her husband  deployed for year to Iraq where she served as a Senior Intelligence Community Representative to Commander,  Multinational Forces-Iraq (MNFI) and to the U.S. Ambassador to Iraq, 2008-09. She had three-year  assignments in England, Australia, and Germany, and has served as the Director of National Intelligence’s  Representative to Commander USAFRICOM and to Commander Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC),  also directly supporting Commander USINDOPACOM for many years. Terri played a leadership role in  the Department of Defense and Intelligence Community flagship programs in Election Security in 2018 and  2020. After living most of their lives in the Washington, D.C. area, Terri and her husband now live in  Bradenton, FL where they enjoy boating, pickleball, and spending time with their mothers and their friends.  

Terri joined the LWV once retired and recently became the Voter Services Chair for LVW Manatee. She  is particularly concerned about the negative impacts of gerrymandering, and in National Popular Vote and  Ranked Choice Voting as well as other methods to reduce extremism in elected bodies.